Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Fear Subsides

Well, I finally went ahead and cut out the key slots in the rear of the helmet. It was taxing on me cause I have never done a repair to this degree before. I meticulously carved out the area with the ole dremmel and sanded the new piece to fit in the area. It matches up quite well actually. I need to bondo it in and sand it out and then the big day will arrive!
Paint Job time!
I got permission to pick myself up a compressor for the airbrush so Now I can be confident that the paint job will look as I want it to. I will be able to do other projects with the airbrush as well so it will be a great investment. I will post pictures of the key slot detail as soon as I can.

Tonight I am going to be costumed as a Tuscan Raider for a canned food drive at a Lazer Tag event. Some members of the 501st Garrison have invited me along. I really can't wait to get this suit finished so I can troop in my own costume!


Blogger Aaron (Hej) said...

Hey Eddie, doing a great job ya big root fiend !!

Havent seen ya about the last couple weeks, the Tuskan Raider costume sounds cool... post a picture ..

cheers... Aaron/Hejira/Daddy

August 11, 2004 at 9:05 AM  

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