Monday, August 30, 2004

When The Man Comes Around

Well I know your thinking to yourself, When the hell is this guy going to update this damned thing? Well tonights the night! LOL
Since we last chatted, alot has presented itself and I have been quite busy. A friend of mine from the 501st Garrison, Mr. Fett has been working on a project that he is getting ready for Dragon Con. He has 3 Predator Heads that he is working on for his Predator Costumes. He and Cutest Sandgirl are going to be going as a couple Predators at the Con. So anyway, he asked me if I knew if there was aything that I could use to paint these predator dreddlocks with cause he purchased them from a guy in Canada and they are all white. I told him that we could figure something out and I could possibly airbrush them with liquid latex and acrylic paint. He was happy with the idea so I went to find my old supplier of latex and found that they didn't exist anymore! Oh No! So I looked around and found a place right around the corner from my house. Small world! Even smaller when I found out there is a guy that lives about a half hour from my place that does unbelievably high end statues and stuff! I am talking high high screen quality stuff. I was able to acquire his number and gave him a call. Needless to say, we hit it off well and he asked me and Mr Fett over to talk about the dredds. Here is his collection of statues and stuff he has made:
Bobby C's Remarkable Collection
Well, Mr. Fett and I were completely Blown away when we saw his collection. He gave us some advice and some latex that we could dip the dredds in. The 2 of us spent the better half of a Sunday dipping dredds and hanging them in my garage on 6 clothes lines. 175 dredds in all! Looked like a wierd hunting party that went snake hunting! LOL

So anyway, back to my helmet progress. I finally bondo'ed the keyslot detail in tonight and I will sand it tomorrow so it is ready for the painting! I will be sure to take new pics so you all can see! :~)

Oh and here is me as the Tuscan Raider for Hejira:

E2K13 and his Terrified Twins

Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Fear Subsides

Well, I finally went ahead and cut out the key slots in the rear of the helmet. It was taxing on me cause I have never done a repair to this degree before. I meticulously carved out the area with the ole dremmel and sanded the new piece to fit in the area. It matches up quite well actually. I need to bondo it in and sand it out and then the big day will arrive!
Paint Job time!
I got permission to pick myself up a compressor for the airbrush so Now I can be confident that the paint job will look as I want it to. I will be able to do other projects with the airbrush as well so it will be a great investment. I will post pictures of the key slot detail as soon as I can.

Tonight I am going to be costumed as a Tuscan Raider for a canned food drive at a Lazer Tag event. Some members of the 501st Garrison have invited me along. I really can't wait to get this suit finished so I can troop in my own costume!