Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Pictures Finally Taken

Marrow_Sun gratiously took the opportunity to look at my blog to see how the progress was going and sent me a PM on The Dented Helmet to let me know that he had a clean resin cast of the key slot area that I could have to remedy the situation. He said it was a cleaner cast then the one on the helmet itself. All I have to do is carve out the area and plug in the new one and bondo around it to seal it in. Sounds easy enough so I told him to go ahead and send it out. Talk about customer service! I am really happy I bought the bucket from him!
Anyway, I have a few new pics that I took showing the areas that needed attention and the key slot area that needs some help.

Bondo Left Side

Bondo Right Side

Bondo Right Ear

Visor Bubbles

Key Slot Crack

Bottom Key Slot Crack

Bondo Key Slot Reinforcement