Sunday, June 13, 2004

Key Slots From Hell!

Well I decided to tackle the keyslots finally as well as getting the chance to do some Bondo work. It was alot easier then I had originally anticipated but the key slots have shown themselves to be a definate chore.
I built up the earpieces in bondo as well as the seam along the top of the bucket. Then I filled in some of the bubbles in the T-Visor area. I applied Bondo to the crack in the keyslot area too.
I took some time and sanded the areas a bit before drilling my piolet holes for the key slots.
That crack proved to be much worse then I had thought. Its hairline fracture was running through the corner between the 1st and 2nd from the top. I no sooner then had the key slots filed out with my hobbie files then I felt the fracture give a little.
Oh it was definately cracked enough that it needed a little reinforcement. I went to work by mixing up some more Bondo and reinforced the entire key slot area from the inside. I am going to let it cure till tomorrow and then sand it a bit to make it smooth and do a little touch up filing to make it look good again. I will update the photo section tomorrow after I take some progress pics. Hopefully I was able to remedy what could have been a disaster! LOL