Wednesday, May 12, 2004

It Begins Here!

Hello and Welcome to the first post of my illustrius Blog which will detail my trials and tribulations of putting together a Boba Fett Costume for Celebrations 3 next year. I am going to work from top to bottom pretty much. It took me a long time to find the right helmet to begin with.
There are many helmets on the market to chose from. I wanted to get the best helmet that was closest to the original that I could come within my price range. Now I am a father of twin sons so I have to use my bartering skills to get me to the price I need to complete my goal. I ultimately ended up going with a helmet made by a gentleman by the name of Marrow_Sun. His attention to detail is very precise and exactly what I wanted. I have seen his helmets go on eBay for upwards of $400 unpainted. They are fiberglass and gelcoated.
I decided to contact Marrow directly to see if he would work with me and to my joy, he was very nice and willing to help out a fan! Without revealing my price I will say I got the good discount that I prayed for. He just E-mailed me yesterday morning that my helmet has shipped! So it should arrive here in about 2 weeks. As soon as the Helmet arrives, I will be sure to post pics up so everyone can see but untill then, the wait is on!